Tools to Use with Polymer Clay

  There are so many Polymer Clay artists that use so many different tools for their craft, I am going to tell you about the tools that I have found that are very useful that I use for my creations. I am going to list out some of my go to tools and explain why I like to use these tools. I would like to say that a lot of the tools that I use are also the same tools that are used by nail artists. The reason that I do this is because the tools that are specifically for clay are more expensive. Also, what I found from trial and error was that the tools that are used for nails are the same kinds of tools that are used for clay.  

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· 5pcs Silicone Rubber Shapers Polymer Clay Sculpting Fimo Modelling Tools- This set is a set that is for Polymer Clay they are used for sculpting and they work great. They also come in different sizes you can find them as a smaller option or a bigger option. I find that this tool set is very useful to be able to put the details into the miniature items that I create. I have been able to find these on Ebay or Amazon.   

 · 15 Pcs Nail Art Acrylic UV Gel Design Brush Set Painting Pen Tips Tools kit- This set of brushes is perfect for painting on Polymer Clay creations. I have tried several different brushes; however, I found that this brush set because it has different size brushes that are for smaller areas they work better for painting my items.    

· New-5PCS-2-Way-Marbleizing-Dotting-Manicure-Tools-Painting-Pen-Nail-Art-Paint- This set is very useful because you can create different size holes that are needed in various creations or eyes for character creations. I have also used these tools for painting small circles on creations.   

 Those tools that I listed are a few tools that I have found very useful throughout the years working with Polymer Clay.   I will be listing and talking in future blog posts about other tools that I have used that I have found usefull and those that are not.

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