Polymer Clay VS Air Dry

    Throughout my years of creating things with Polymer Clay, people have asked me time and time again how I feel about using air dry clay vs polymer clay. Air dry clay can be fun to use for things that do not require a lot of detail. What I found in using Air-Dry Clay whenever I try to put details into the creation usually the detail ends up flattening out. For example, if I try and create a strawberry and try to poke the holes for the indentations after a period the holes end up popping back out and the strawberry ends up looking like just an elongated ball. It was very disappointing that the Air-Dry Clay did not hold hardly any of the details that I tried to put in. The good part of Air Dry Clay is that if you are doing something that does not have a lot of details or if you are doing pedals the clay reacts perfectly. There are good and bad things about Air Dry Clay. 

What I have found in using Polymer Clay is that it is very good at taking any detail that you put into it. I created the same strawberry that I had previously done with the Air-Dry Clay and the Polymer Clay was able to take not only take the detail but also, I was able to make it look realistic which is the look that I was going for. 

I think that overall it depends on what you are using the Air-Dry Clay for on if it will be useful or not. For me, I found that it is perfect for my 10-year-old son he loves to make things with the Air-Dry Clay. He loves to make his creations and then go back to them in a few hours and they are ready for him to either paint or play with. 

There could be other Clay artists that find that Air Dry clay works perfectly for them for me however because of the things that I create with clay the Air-Dry Clay is not ideal for those things. For my creations, Polymer Clay works the best. 

Stay tuned for our next interesting post dealing with some of the tools that I used for creating creations. 

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